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Testing Center of Excellence

About TCoE:

  Testing Centre of Excellence is a unified team within our organisation that provides a full range of software QA and Testing services to support the effective, efficient and consistent delivery of Quality software.

Core Services of TCoE:

  Testing & QA Services
  Test/QA Process Improvement
  Knowledge Management
  Tools & Technologies

The supporting functions involve:

  Configuration Management
  Release Management
  Tools & Technologies
  Independent Test & Evaluation Facility

The Testing & QA Services core functions provide actual management, planning and execution services for full lifecycle software quality and testing activities for software development and maintenance. It provides independent software testing and analysis to assure the successful delivery of high quality software and leverage defined best practices and processes through the associated knowledge portal.

Test/QA Process Improvement core function will identify, define, deploy, track and improve standard quality assurance and testing processes for the TCoE based on industry best practices and lessons learned internal to the TCoE. Activities will be used to assess current testing process and practices to identify existing best practices and gaps and to develop comprehensive improvement roadmaps that incrementally improve software testing processes while not impacting release schedules. In addition to deployment through the software testing portal, there will be documentation of these best practices-based software testing processes and methodologies.The following Key Areas are therefore the basis for improving and structuring the QA/Test Process:

  Test strategy
  Estimating and planning
  Testing Environment
  Defect management
  Test Automation

The Knowledge Management core function will provide three primary services: software QA and testing knowledge capture and transfer, including training; process, knowledge and collaboration deployment through a software testing portal; and management of a certified components repository to house previously vetted components for strategic reuse. This involves maintenance of the documents within document management system like SharePoint and Wiki.

The purpose of TCoE Tools and Technologies branch is to examine and select appropriate tools and testing techniques for use within the Testing Services core function. TCoE Tools and Technologies function activities provide tool evaluation, Testing techniques evaluation, and documentation of tool and technique best practices.

The benefits of the TCoE Tools and Technologies function include but are not limited to:

  Assures that effective software tools are selected for use by both software development and       testing based upon business/mission criteria.
  Documented information provides developers and testers useful knowledge for effectively using       appropriate tools.

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